At Mercado IT and Gote we have made a decision that opens a new era. Yes, the leader in EOS/EOL and the leader in telecommunications products join forces and we will be able to offer you a better experience in every way. A complete solution that embraces innovation without compromising sustainability.

We join forces for you, to offer you more:

Sustainable innovation:

In our quest for greener and more efficient technology, we bring you innovative solutions that care for the environment without compromising on quality.

Full service:

Our commitment to you ranges from cutting-edge technology to high-quality reconditioned products. You won't have to worry about a thing, we cover all your technology needs.

Service in larger territories:

We are expanding our presence, both nationally and internationally, to offer solutions that benefit you wherever you are, without cumbersome procedures.

Efficiency and savings:

We help you invest in technology without hurting your wallet. We offer you high quality products at competitive prices, allowing you to make significant savings in the long term.

Environmental sustainability:

Reducing our carbon footprint is essential. We promote the reuse and recycling of technological equipment for a cleaner planet.

Quality and reliability:

Our quality is unwavering, backed by industry standards and certifications. We're here to meet your needs so you can trust us.

Constant innovation:

We are always at the forefront of technology. We research and develop new solutions, so you always have the best.

A union that multiplies your advantages

In Gote:

At Mercado IT:

We are leaders in the networking technology industry with more than 40 years of experience. We offer comprehensive solutions that range from passive to active products, maintaining a firm commitment to quality and innovation.

We lead the technology refurbishment sector in Spain. Our mission is clear: to protect our planet through technology, offering high quality refurbished products that reduce environmental impact.

Our Promise

In an ever-evolving world of technology, we are here to offer you the best of both worlds. Our combined strengths celebrate the harmony between technological innovation and environmental sustainability, leaving a footprint on your business, but not on the environment. We are building a future connected to you and the planet.

Join the Re-Evolution

Are you ready to be part of the technological and sustainable revolution?

Find out how our combined strengths can improve your business and contribute to positive change in the world.

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